Monday, March 20, 2017


100% packing tape.

This museum is awesome, but it's the likely "Broad Street Pump" for our JanFebruMarchy disease #1

Giant light brite

Watercolor, ice, and salt

Rainy bike ride

So rainy. Back to the museum, just to be sure we got the viruses on *all* our mucus membranes

Yeah, make sure it touches your tonsils directly...

Siiiiiiiick. From Jan 9 - Feb 26.  Thanks Children's Discovery Museum.

Ice cream for lunch because we are sick.

Off to the march with stuffy noses

Likely infection site #2, giant warehouse of trampolines. Worth it.

Omg suuuuun. Everybody outside. Yes while you're sick, I don't care, it's not raining.

Thanks Deandaddy+Gigi!

Reading nook

"Scary, but in a fun way"


Ly's first time not hating the carousel

Infecto-land #3, warehouse of bounce houses. Also worth it.

MORE SICK. Again or still? No one knows! It never ends!

I'm not sick, I just have perfect hair

Oh wait, no, haha now I'm sick.

Sun. Go outside. I know you can't breathe. Just, try to have fun.

Mouth breathing

Puffy with sinus infection = extra cherubic

Drawing hearts for Bamtide's Day


Tandem babywearing

Finally feeling a bit better, 6 weeks later


"Mom my tummy is starting to hurt from too much graham crackers, can I have more graham crackers?"

Yay not sick, yay sun

Sadness pretzel because too short for the ride.

Happy Friday, let's go to a dentist

Shoulder ride for Wimby

M recreates the best Star Trek movie... 

"I'm a tandaroo"

Family hike before more rain

Smile for the picture?

Haha no ok.